Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moving on behind the scenes

Hey all! I am very excited to make a new entry in my blog. It's been a heck of a long time since I've put up any new blog posts as I wasn't sure anyone was interested, but I specifically got a few requests so here I am!

Today I thought I could show some making of and backstage photos of "Moving On". I graduated college a few weeks ago, and I wanted to do one last image before I left after only knowing school since It's a scary thing to leave the comfort of a small community, a network, a town you know, classes being your main job, and most importantly people you have grown to love. But everyone goes through with it, so we have to just be ready anyway.

I chose this theme because I felt like I was floating away to a new place, but still held back by my emotions and ties to my home.

So here's my assistant Natalie and I setting up the stools (GASP I gave away the floating secret. There are many other ways as well of course.) and hammering my metal stakes in the ground to tie the ropes to.


Then I was literally tied as in the main image, and had to hold my legs, arms, and worst of all head in the air for... about 5-10 minutes straight. *WAS PAINFUL* I did an expansion with this image because I thought it was appropriate.

Expansion: Taking multiple images of the subject, the ground, the sky, any surroundings, and then merging them together to make a bigger image, as well as completing a "square" format.

Some people would crop their image to make a square format, but many square formats in this genre are expanded. It makes the main subject clearer because the "main" image was shot closer, and allows for greater depth of field options with the rest of the background, while allowing more to be in the shot. It's... complicated at first to explain.

I thought I'd show a brief gif about the making of "Moving On". I hope you appreciate this because my computer was NOT wanting me to make this. But I CARE so I DID IT. I won't go into my frustrations... *shakes fist at technology*

thank you for being here today.

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